Mythago Morris Edit

== Street theatre or Morris with attitude? ==

We are what we are—and hope you enjoy it! Edit

Our intent is to illustrate some of the old English stories through dance, music, verse and the occasional song.  And to enjoy ourselves whilst doing it. Edit

The dances are in the Border style of Morris dancing. Border Morris originated in the Welsh border areas; the origins are lost in the mists of time as with all Morris. There are, I believe, only 4 recorded, traditional, Border Morris dances—all the other dances  have been made up in the same style . We have carried on this living tradition by adopting and adapting dances we have seen and tying them together with a story. Edit

The stories are also traditionally English, mainly pre-Christian and are about things which we can fit into about a half hour slot. At the moment, we have five stories: Edit

The Green Man—about the cycle of seasons and the spirit of the Wildwood Edit

The Knuckerhole Dragon—a traditional story from around Arundel Edit

Herne the Hunter—another one of those mythical good(ish) guys Edit

The Kings Men—the story of the Rollright stones near Oxford Edit

Cerridwen’s Cauldron—the story of the birth of Taliesi Edit