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(grouped by state and city)

(no state in particular) Edit

American Travelling Morrice, No location in particular (web site)
Wayward Youths of Morris, No location in particular (web site)

Alaska Edit

Rant and Raven, Anchorage (web site)

Arizona Edit

Bedlam Bells Morris and Sword, Phoenix (web site)
Black Wren Morris, Tempe (web site)
Fairhaven Morris, AZ Ren Faire (website)

California Edit

For selected San Franciso area teams including Berkeley Morris, Deer Creek Morris Men, FFL Morris, Goat Hill Morris, Mad Molly, Norton's Guard Longsword, Ring of Cold Steel Longsword, and Seabright Morris and Sword, see also brief writeups at BACDS Performance Teams or for a list with contacts and dance style see this Bay Area teams summary.

Berkeley Morris, Berkeley (web site)
Wild Wood Morris, Long Beach (web site)
Emperor Norton's Fire Brigade & Hose Company #2 (longsword), Oakland
FFL Morris, Palo Alto (web site)
Mad Molly, Palo Alto (web site)
Moreton Bay Fig Morris, San Diego (web site)
Dead Ringers, San Francisco
Deer Creek Morris Men, San Francisco (web site)
Goat Hill Morris, San Francisco
Pipe and Bowl Morris, San Francisco (web site)
Pacific Sword Co., Santa Barbara (web site)
Ring of Cold Steel Longsword, San Francisco
Stinging Nettle Longsword, San Francisco (web site)
Swords of Gridlock, San Francisco Bay Area
Red Rose Morris & Sword, San Ramon
Seabright Morris & Sword, Santa Cruz (web site)
Rising Phoenix Morris, Santa Monica (web site)
Apple Tree Morris, Sebastopol (web site)
White Rats, San Francisco (web site)
Parrot Cove Morris, Ventura County

Colorado Edit

Breathless in Berthoud Border Morris, Berthoud (web site)
Maroon Bells Morris, Boulder (web site)

Connecticut Edit

Mystic Garland, Mystic (website)
New Haven Morris and Sword, New Haven (web site)
Not For Joes, New London (web site)
Berkshire Morris Men, Southern Berkshire County (MA)/Mid-Hudson Valley (NY), Northwest Connecticut (web site)

District of Columbia Edit

Foggy Bottom Morris Men, Washington, DC (web site)
Rock Creek Morris Women, Washington (web site)

Florida Edit

Greenwood Morris, Gainesville (web site)
Ancient City Morris, St. Augustine (web site)

Illinois Edit

Ravenswood Morris, Chicago (web site)
Pullman Morris and Sword, Chicago (website)

Indiana Edit

Bloomington Quarry Morris, Bloomington (web site)

Kentucky Edit

Berea College Country Dancers, Berea (web site)
Squash Beetle Morris, Lexington (web site)
Angleterre Morris Dancers, Louisville
Nonesuch Players, Berea

Maine Edit

Highland Mary, Union

Maryland Edit

Seneca Creek Sword & Garland, Gaithersburg (web site)

Massachusetts Edit

Juggler Meadow Morris Men, Amherst (web site)
Rapscallion Rapper, Amherst (web site)
That Long Tall Sword, Amherst
Wake Robin, Amherst (web site)
Red Herring Morris, Belmont (web site)
Black Jokers, Boston (Team site, Philip Zimmermann's photo archive)
Charles River Rapper, Boston (web site)
Commonwealth Morris Men, Boston (web site)
Gay Blades Rapper Sword, Boston (web site)
Ha'penny Morris, Boston (web site)
Muddy River Morris, Boston (web site)
Newtowne Morris Men, Boston (web site)
Pinewoods Morris Men, Boston (web site)
Recently Traditional Fictional Morris, Boston area (web site)
Green River Tap & Die, Greenfield (web site)
Guiding Star Clog Morris, Greenfield (web site)
Hart's Brook Garland Women, Hadley (facebook page)
Still River Sword, Harvard
Flesh Wound (Rapper), North Hampton
Marlboro Morris Men, Pioneer Valley (web site)
And Sometimes Y Manx Morris & Sword, Pioneer Valley (web site)
Orion Longsword, Shirley (website)
Berkshire Morris Men, Southern Berkshire County (MA)/Mid-Hudson Valley (NY), Northwest Connecticut (web site)
Candyrapper, Sudbury (web site)
Great Meadows Morris and Sword, Sudbury (web site)
Hop Brook Morris and Sword, Sudbury
Pocket Flyers, Sudbury (web site )
Rapport D'Or, Sudbury (web site )
Rose Galliard, Sudbury
Banbury Cross Morris & Sword, Belmont (web site)
Jug End Mountain Morris, Western MA, Eastern NY, North Western CT
Vineyard Swordfish, Woods Hole (web site)
Clownfish Rapper, Woods Hole (web site)
Morning Glory Girls Garland

Michigan Edit

Ann Arbor Morris, Ann Arbor (web site)
Bells of River City, Grand Rapids (web site)
Hole-in-the-Bog Morris & Mummers, Port Sanilac (web site)

Minnesota Edit

Ad Hoc Morris, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Asworded Nuts, Minneapolis/St. Paul (on hiatus)
Bells of the North, Minneapolis/St. Paul 
Bitter Mash Border. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Etc. (Facebook Page)
Duck or Grouse Rapper Sword, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Great Northern Border, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Guyz with Tiez, Long Sword, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Brackleberry Morris (Formerly Gypsy Girls, Gypsies), Minneapolis/St. Paul
Minnesota Traditional Morris, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Northern Lights, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Ramsey's Braggarts, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)
Short Sword, Minneapolis/St. Paul 
Tangled Web Rapper, Minneapolis/St. Paul (on hiatus)
Uptown-On-Calhoun, Minneapolis (web site)
Vorpal Sword, Minneapolis/St. Paul (on hiatus)
Wild Rose Longsword and Garden Society, Minneapolis/St. Paul (web site)

Missouri Edit

The St. Louis sides had brief descriptions at (archived page)

Blackthorn Morris, St. Louis (web site)
Capering Roisters, St. Louis (web site)
River Rats, St. Louis (myspace page)

Nebraska Edit

Prarie Waves Morris, Omaha

New Hampshire Edit

Harrisville Morris Women, Keene
Jack in the Green, Keene/Peterborough (web site)

New Jersey Edit

Griggstown Lock (Rapper), Princeton (web site)
Handsome Molly, Princeton (web site)
Millstone River Morris, Princeton (web site)
Shandygaff Longsword, Princeton (web site)

New York Edit

Pokingbrook Morris, Albany (web site)
B.F. Harridans, Binghamton (web site)
Binghamton Morris Men, Binghamton (web site)
Heartwood Morris Dancers, Ithaca (web site)
Bouwerie Boys Morris Dancers, New York City
Greenwich Morris Men, New York
Half Moon Sword, New York (web site)
New World Sword, New York
Ring O' Bells, New York (Facebook)
Snowbelt Morris, Rochester
Berkshire Morris Men, Southern Berkshire County (MA)/Mid-Hudson Valley (NY), Northwest Connecticut (web site)
Bassett Street Hounds, Syracuse (web site)
GCM, Syracuse (web site)
Ribbonsteel Rapper, Syracuse (web site)
Thornden Morris, Syracuse (web site)
Wild Blue Morris, Syracuse (web site)

North Carolina Edit

Asheville Morris, Asheville (web site)
Ashgrove Garland, Asheville (web site)
Loafer's Glory, Asheville
Rural Felicity Garland Dancers, Brasstown (web site)
Sticks in the Mud Morris Team, Brasstown (web site)
Black Socks Rapper Sword, Brasstown (web site)
Dame's Rocket Northwest Clog, Brasstown (web site)
Queen's Capers Morris, Charlotte (web site)

Oregon Edit

Two Rivers Morris, Eugene (web site)
Bridgetown Morris Men, Portland (web site)
Iron Mountain Sword, Portland(web site)
Renegade Rose Morris, Portland (web site)
Wild Rose Garland, Portland (web site)

Pennsylvania Edit

Kingsessing Morris Men, Philadelphia (website)
Renegade Morris, Philadelphia (website)
Whiskey Rebellion, Pittsburgh (website)
Points of Etiquette (longsword), Swarthmore

Rhode Island Edit

Westerly Morris Men, Westerly (website)
Ladies of the Rolling Pin, Wakefield (website)

Tennessee Edit

Tenpenny Rapper Sword Dancers, Knoxville (website)

Texas Edit

Men of Houston, Houston (website)
Caprock Morris, Lubbock (website)

Vermont Edit

Marlboro Morris and Sword, Marlboro
Midnight Capers, Montpelier
Four Corners Morris, Strafford
Green Mountain Morris, Thetford (website)
Maple Leaf Morris, Norwich (website)
Catamount Morris, Norwich (website)
Putney Morris Men, Putney
Putney Mountain Morris Women, Putney
On the Border Morris, Burlington (website)
A Sworded Affair (Rapper), Burlington (website)
Windham, Brattleboro (website)

Virginia Edit

Arlington Northwest Morris Women (facebook)
Albemarle Morris Men, Charlottesville (website)
More or Less Morris, Richmond (website)
Flying Bark Morris, Tidewater (website)
Williamsburg Garland, Williamsburg (website)
Drunken Weasel Border Morris. Williamsburg (website)

Washington Edit

MossyBack Morris Men, Seattle (website)
Misty City Morris, Seattle (website)
North by North West Morris, Seattle (website)
Sound & Fury Morris & Sword, Seattle (website)

West Virginia Edit

Shepherdstown Northwest Morris, Shepherdstown (Team site, Phillip Zimmerman's site)
Hicks With Sticks Border, Shepherdstown (Team site, Phillip Zimmerman's site)

Wisconsin Edit

Oak Apple Morris, Madison (website)

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