Reg Hall says, "The song has been the Official Regimental Song of The Green Howards Regiment of Yorkshire, England since 1789. It being based in Richmond, North Yorkshire."

Here are the lyrics to the song, as supplied to me by Adam Moskowitz. NOTICE: Anyone making wisecracks about "famous Lass words" will be beaten severely.

The Lass of Richmond HillEdit

by James Hook

The poem celebrates a young lady who lived in Richmond, Yorkshire, who became the wife of the poet Leonard McNally.

 On Richmond Hill there lives a lass
 More bright than May-day morn,
 Whose charms all others maids' surpass,
 A rose without a thorn.

    This lass so neat,
    With smiles so sweet,
    Has won my right good will.
    I'd crowns resign
    To call thee mine,
    Sweet lass of Richmond Hill!
    Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
    Sweet lass of Richmond Hill,
    I'd crowns resign
    To call thee mine,
    Sweet lass of Richmond Hill!

 Ye zephyrs gay that fan the air,
 And wonton through the grove,
 O whisper to my charming fair,
 I die for her I love.

 How happy will the shepherd be
 Who calls this nymph his own!
 O may her choice be fix'd on me!
 Mine's fix'd on her alone.

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