Ithaca-on-Hemp tradition was created for Heartwood Morris of Ithaca, New York.

Many of its dances are for 3, or involve a half-hey for 3 people that puts people in a new position at the end of the hey.

Dances for 3:

Three Musketeers (stick)

Chase Me Charlie (stick)

Country Gardens (stick)

Dances for 4:

Trizzle (stick)

Raggle-Taggle Gypsy (hankie)

Dances for 4 or 6: Basically these are for 3 but centers cross to exchange places with either the other center (if done for 6) or the extra dancer (if done for 4).

Gallant Hussar (hankie)

Trunkles (stick)


Usually: DF1= Foot in&out (or up&down) DF2= Whole Gyp - often you are by yourself, not circling another DF3= Isle of Man (stick) or Turn & Cross (hanky) DF4= Rounds

Isle of Man Figure: Really difficult to describe.
Double-step: All turn over R and move into tight triangle
Double-step: Clash on first beat & move to tripod position
SS, SS, TJ: back into the line & TJ in place (Each dancer is now in a line as at the start but each position is facing the other way.)
Repeat for second half, but tripod positions will be switched, so you end up in your original spot.
Tripod positions are 2 End dancers facing one way, Middle facing the other, and each about 1 double-step in front of the center line.

Figure Variations:

Captive Whole Gyp (instead of regular Whole Gyp) - Middle person moves forward slightly and dances in place, while Ends whole gyp around middle; all turn around and fall back for the single steps, so Middle ends up facing where they started halfway through.

Half Gyp (usually DF2, either in place of Whole Gyp or in addition to it; occasionally Half Gyp followed by Whole Gyp and skip Isle of Man.) Think of 3 dancers as a triangle with Squire, Anti-squire, and point. Squires in first, between other 2; then anti-squire in between other two.