(grouped by state and city)

These are sides that no longer exist. For extant sides see Morris teams directory.

California Edit

Belmont Edit

  • Bufflehead Northwest Clog Morris

Hayward Edit

  • Faultline Morris

Long Beach Edit

  • Queensway Morris

Los Angeles Edit

  • Beggars Riddle

Palo Alto Edit

  • Dark Energy Morris & Sword
  • Entanglement Sword
  • Fool's Choice Morris
  • Mayfield Morris & Sword

San Diego Edit

  • San Diego Morris and Sword

San Francisco Edit

Santa Barbara Edit

  • Monarch Grove Morris

Santa Cruz Edit

  • Sea Horse Morris

Santa Monica Edit

  • Pennyroyal Morris
  • Sunset Morris

Connecticut Edit

Greenwich Edit

  • Mianus River Morris (c.1977 - 5/16/04) (web site)

Hartford Edit

Middletown Edit

Indiana Edit

Muncie Edit

Kentucky Edit

Lexington Edit

  • Castlewood Morris (Disbanded 1994)

Maryland Edit

Baltimore Edit

  • Baltimorris (late 1970s - 1994)

Montgomery County Edit

  • Seneca Creek Sword (1990s)

Massachusetts Edit

Arlington Edit

Boston Edit

Cambridge Edit

Michigan Edit

  • Greenwood Morris, Lansing (- c. 2008)
  • The Quality, Ann Arbor (?-2014)

New Hampshire Edit

Canterbury Edit

  • Canterbury Morris

Concord Edit

  • Merrie Mac Morris (1980 - ?)

Hanover Edit

Keene Edit

  • Harrisville Morris Women

New York Edit

Albany Edit

  • Queen Anne's Lace (ca. 1989 - early 1990s)

Binghamton and Ithaca Edit

Buffalo Edit

  • Willowwood Morris (1977 - 1980?)

Ithaca Edit

  • Renewable Rapper (web site) (Called Cornell Rapper on the site, but appears to be the same team later performing as Renewable Rapper.)

New York Edit

Oyster Bay Edit

  • Three Village Morris

Rochester Edit

  • Lake Effect Morris (1980s?)

Syracuse Edit

  • Birch Leaf Morris (1990 - 1997?)
  • Salt Springs Morris (1996 and 1999 - 2001)
  • Wild Blue Morris (ca. 2008 - 2012)

Oregon Edit

Corvallis Edit

Portland Edit

Pennsylvania Edit

Gettysburg Edit

  • Mason-Dixon Border Morris

Montrose Edit

  • Rose Mountain Morris

Philadelphia Edit

  • Spruce Hill Morris

Pittsburgh Edit

  • Iron City Morris
  • Iron Rose Garland
  • Three Rivers Morris

Rhode Island Edit

Providence Edit

  • Twilight Bells Morris

Texas Edit

Winfrey Bells Morris, Dallas

Vermont Edit

No city specified Edit

  • Sleepy Hollow Morris (? - 2006)

Virginia Edit

Bluemont Edit

  • Bluemont Morris (1977-2006)

Charlottesville Edit

  • Frayed Knot Rapper
  • Underground Morris

Newport News Edit

  • Fly-Bye-Knight Morris

Washington Edit

Seattle Edit

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