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(grouped by state)

Australian Capital TeritoryEdit

Canberra Edit

New South Wales Edit

Sydney Edit

  • Boadicea (late 1970s - early 80s)
  • Black Wattle Morris Men (mid 1970s - mid 80s)
  • Border Roughs (subsumed into Sydney MM)
  • Maids of the Mill (mid 1970s - mid 80s)
  • Sydney Morris Men (mid 1970s - 2009)

Northern Territory Edit

  • Gone Troppo Morris, Darwin

Queensland Edit

  • Morrice Rampant (1996 - ca 2000)
  • Moreton Bay Morris (1981 - 199?)
  • Rapscallion (1983 - ca 1987)


Ballarat Edit

  • Ballaarat City Morris

Melbourne Edit

  • Plenty Morris, Lower Plenty (1970 - 1990s)
  • Sheoaks Morris (1980s)

Western Australia Edit

Perth Edit

Albany Edit

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