The Headcorn tradition was developed by Headcorn Morris in 1977 and 1978. It has undergone continuous development since. The tradition consists of a number of four and five person dances.

Dances in current practice (up to public performance standard) are:

Four Person

Stick Dances
 The Gallant Hussar 	
 Banks of the Dee 	
 The Poacher 	
 The 3 Cornered Hat 
 St. john's Eve - introduced Boxing Day 2008
Freehand Dances
 Swaggering Boney 	
 Shepherd's Hey 	
 Up to the Gills 	
Handkerchief Dances
 Saturday Night 	
 St. Stevens Day 	
 The Cheshire Cat 	
 The Princess Royal 	
 The Opera Hat (Single Jig)
 The Opera Hat (Set Jig)

Five Person

Stick Dances
 Night Visitor
 Headcorn Belles 
Handkerchief Dances
 Brighton Camp 
 Spotted Cow 
 Soldier's Joy
 Maltman's Hill

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