Location: Somerton, Somerset, Somerset, England
Dances: Cotswold (with a "Border-like" feel) dances in the traditions of Wayford and Bledington, plus some Bampton, Oddington and Hinton and some Border (with a "Cotswold-like" feel)
Organizations: Morris Federation
Active: 1982 - present
Contact: Ken Coles: (insert @ symbol in place of +nospam+)
Web site: Dr Turberville's official website [1]

Dr Turberville's Morris was founded in 1982 by a group of enthusiasts who recognised a gap in Crewkerne's cultural heritage. After the first Winter of practices, the first public performance was in 1983. The Morris side has continued performing ever since then, with many changes of membership, and one significant change of kit. Current kit is white trainers, socks, trousers and shirts with green and maroon crossed baldrics and green handkerchiefs.

Wayford is the side's own tradition, created from about 1993-4 from fragmentary evidence unearthed in manuscripts found in a chest in the 16th century attics of a newer house. Around 8 dances had been recreated by 1998, and evidence of more dances has come to light in the last couple of years bringing the total to around 15.

A book of the Wayford tradition was published in 2008 and the second edition is due out in 2012 to mark the side's 30th year.

Some of the side's Border dances were first learned at a joint workshop with Dartmoor Border, to whom many thanks are owed.

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